New Beginnings

Discovering the online DIY and Organizing community was a hallmark moment for me. I’ve long been the family organizer, the grease that keeps the machine running (as my mother puts it). Several years ago, I turned that tendency into a career and completed a Masters of Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and soon became a full-time archivist.

It was during this period of my life that I found the online Organizing community and saw parallels between my professional life and the brilliant work being showcased across the web. After many years of following this community, I’ve decided to take the plunge and see if maybe, just maybe, I can contribute something to this community.

My specialty lies in the world of photographs — I spent three years alone focusing intently on photographs and learned a great deal about organizing, scanning, and sharing these brilliant windows into the past. And after advising many “accidental archivists” (to borrow a phrase) on Facebook, I’ve decided to see if I can share a little bit of this knowledge with whomever wanders this way.

Fingers crossed!


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